Proving a Traumatic Brain Injury

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Dr. Janyna Mercado (Neuropsychologist)

Dr. Michael Leonard (Neurosurgeon)

Dr. Joel Jenne

Schorlemer Mediation PDF File

Open Acromioplasty
(Subacromial Decompression)

Dr. David Levy “Proving a TBI” PDF File

Total Knee Replacement Surgery
using Patient Specific Implant

Posterior Revision
(Decompression and Fusion)

ACDF (Neck) Surgery

Motion to Remand(Federal Question)(ADA & THRC)
Use of DTI to Prove TBI
Response to Plea to the Jurisdiction.
Deposition Dr. Meadow(admits making $2.5 million on page 112).
Fourth COA Opinion on Products Case
Deposition Dr. Meadow 2
Briefing in the Texas Supreme Court